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Please note: Fr Kuriakose is away from 6th November, returning 1st December. During this time, there are no weekday Masses. Saturday evening and Sunday Mass will continue as normal, and there will be a Eucharistic service 9.30am Friday morning only.

For details of all our services this week and other information, please see the newsletter.

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Mass Times

Our regular Mass times are as follows. Please see the newsletter for Holy Days and other changes.

Monday - 9:30 AM

Tuesday -  9:30 AM

Wednesday -  9:30 AM

Thursday - NO MASS

Friday - 9:30 AM 

Saturday - 6:30 PM

Sunday - 9:30 AM

New Parishioners

The Parish has always been open to welcoming new members. Please feel free to pop into the parish office after mass or approach any member of the Parish Council if you have any questions.

Prayer Group

Get in touch to find out more about prayer services at St Thomas More and St Edward Catholic Church.

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